How to remove vinyl siding in Hillsboro, Oregon

Remove Vinyl Siding - Hillsboro SidingAll it takes is a few minutes and a few simple tools to remove vinyl siding or modifications to a wall covered in this popular cladding.

Our Hillsboro Oregon siding company gathered this information to help those DIY enthusiasts. Be sure to call us if you have any questions at (503) 549-1242. Safety is a top priority and we’d be happy to help.

Enjoy this “how-to” remove vinyl siding video to see the whole process.

Here are the standard actions to follow when you remove vinyl siding in Hillsboro:

1. Search for a horizontal seam between two courses of vinyl siding.

2. Place the siding removal tool where the panels overlap and take down and out.

3. Utilize a cat’s paw or other small lever to pull the nails from the course you need to get rid of

4. Pull the piece of vinyl siding downward to disengage and remove it from the course below it.

5. If either end of the siding is captured by a door or window channel, carefully bend the siding to clear the channel as you eliminate it.

Repeat actions 3-5 for any added courses of siding that you need to remove vinyl siding.

When it’s time to put the siding back on the wall, just reverse the process:

Slide and snap the pieces of siding onto the courses listed below and change the nails you got rid of.

You might wish to drive the nails in brand-new locations to ensure they have great purchase.

It can be a little difficult to snap the last piece into the groove of the piece above that wasn’t gotten rid of, however a little care, patience, and perseverance will finish the job.

For more information and tips on how to remove vinyl siding go here or learn from wiki here.

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