How to Install Prodigy Siding – Hillsboro Prodigy Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

Install Prodigy Siding - Prodigy Insulated SidingSetting up an install of prodigy siding is among the easiest manners in which house owners can improve the appearance of their house.

Prodigy siding has hardly any, if any, insulating value; so if your house requires extra insulation, it would have to be installed under the siding itself.

Prodigy vinyl siding combines the look and installation ease of vinyl siding through a foam backing. You can set up Prodigy siding over a weekend to improve the look of your home, in addition to lower its energy expenses.

Prodigy Siding Install Video

Prodigy Siding Installation Instructions

Hold a siding starter strip, provided by the producer, horizontally at the bottom of the location to be sided. Place a level on the strip and change it as essential.

Drive 3/4-inch or longer roofing nails through the holes in the nailing fin of the strip with a hammer. Place nails every 8 to 10 inches.

Position an inside or outdoors corner post– depending on the wall you are siding– vertically against the side of the wall where you wish to begin the siding.

Cut the post to length with tin snips so that it hangs below the starter strip at the bottom of the wall by 1/2-inch and is within 1/4-inch of the eave or soffit at the top of the wall.

Nail the post into place with roof nails spaced every 10 to 12 inches. Set up another post on the opposite side of the wall in the exact same fashion.

Place the bottom of the very first piece of siding into the starter strip. Lower on the siding till it snaps into location. Push the siding into the groove in the corner post.

Drive roofing nails through the holes in the nailing fin on top edge of the siding every 10 to 12 inches. Do not drive the nails completely in to provide the siding room to agreement and expand with the altering climate.

Move the vinyl edge of the next piece of siding between the foam support and the vinyl edge of the piece of siding already set up. Press the two pieces together until an overlap of 1 inch is achieved.

Snap and nail the piece into place in the same way as the very first. Cut the siding to length with tin snips when completion of the wall is reached.

Bow the last piece in the run slightly so that the end can be suited the groove on the inside or outside corner post then snap and nail it into place.

Start the next row of siding by placing the first piece over the very first row and pushing down till it snaps into location.

Press the piece horizontally so that completion slides into the groove on the corner post. Install the remainder of the siding on the wall in the same fashion. Your done!

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