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Knowing How To Install Siding Panels. Plywood panel or sheet siding provides among the quickest and least expensive methods to cover a wall.

These products have actually obtained a bad track record in recent years as a result of records of panels that twist, peel, or come loose from the wall.

However if you pick the panels as well as fasteners thoroughly as well as adhere to proper setup procedures, plywood panels can last a long period of time.

Cement-fiber panels are rather so much more water-repellent compared to plywood however, it needs to be mounted with the exact same care as plywood.

Hardboard panels are typically the least pricey option, however they are conveniently harmed and absorb dampness like a typical sponge if not kept well covered with paint.

Panels are usually readily available in 8-foot and also 12-foot lengths. Longer panels could enable you to lessen the number of horizontal joints between panels.

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Siding Panel Install Pre-start Checklist:

Time Required To Install Siding Panels:
Working with an assistant, requiring a day to install 1200 square feet

Tools Required To Install Siding Panels:

Toenail weapon or hammer, round saw, jigsaw, measuring tape, story post, chalk line, drill, flat pry bar, level, caulking gun, energy blade, tin snips, staple gun.

Abilities Required To Install Siding Panels:

Gauging, mapping out a task, driving nails, cutting with a power saw

Preparation To Install Siding Panels:

Cover the sheathing with structure cover and even mount trim boards and even flashing.

Products Required To Install Siding Panels:

Siding panels, strips of felt, staples, board and even flashing for the water level, stainless-steel or galvanized siding nails, guide or sealant.

Measuring and Breaking a Chalk Line:

When measuring a panel to cut to the correct width, deduct 1/8 inch to account for any type of space that needs to happen between panels.

If you are cutting off the overlap side, action from the face of the panel (not the underlap).

Make a V-shape mark near each end of the cut, positioning the suggestion of the V at the accurate size.

Secure the chalk line at one end and pull it taut so the line crosses the V marks at their factors.

Choose the line directly and let go to create a straight line and cut along the line.

You are now well underway to install siding panels on you home or office.

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